Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week #2

Project 2010 continues . . .
We enjoyed a wonderful get-away to visit Mark's
brother in Vegas this past long weekend.
Wow was that warm sunshine heavenly!
I took along a pleated dress that has been sitting in a box
waiting to be smocked for several years now.
I was able to complete all the hand stitching as we
drove down. Have you tried smocking?
It really is quite simple and kind of similar to
cross stitch. It works up very quickly.
I have a pleater that puts in all the "gathers" in for me.
If you like hand work, you would love smocking.
I am very blessed to have a little grand daughter
to smock for and one more on the way!

Watch for the finished dress to be posted in the not too far future!
Another thing I did last week was pretty difficult.
I walked into the garage and took
a big bag of bird seed off the shelf that had been
sitting there since last spring ~
And I filled my bird feeders!
Wow - were those cute little birdies thrilled!
We have one hanging right outside the kitchen window.
We LOVE watching our feathered friends.
I still need to learn about them and what kind of birds they are . . .
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Wanting to involve all family members with this challenge -
Mark was game to use up some of our wheat and 9 grain cereal.
The result was some of his wonderful bread!

Oh, and a yummy little tip with french toast.
(Don't throw out your old bread! Make croutons or french toast!)
I learned this at girls camp a few years ago. Melt a little butter on the hot skillet and then sprinkle lightly with sugar. Grill one side of the toast, lift up the bread & butter and sugar quickly before flipping it. The result is a very crunchy, caramelized piece of french toast!
It is especially delicious with fresh strawberries and whipped cream!


Amanda K said...

mmm... that bread looks so good! My hubby and I love wheat bread. I may need to make some now!

Jenny said...

I love french toast from old homemade bread! If you want a bird field guide, 'All the bird of North America'
is really good.