Friday, January 21, 2011

Before and Ahhh-fter

I can't tell you how much I love to look at before and after pictures in magazines, blogs, etc. I am so excited that I can finally post one.

It has been a year -- I officially unloaded the first load of junk out of our bonus room Martin Luther King Day last year. Now, after finally tidying things up this week I took some shots of our complete bonus/craft/fly-tying/ computer gaming/sewing/memory keeping/hoping-to-do-homework room.
The embarrassing "before" picture 2010
The completed project

David graciously accommodated me by building me this bookshelf. Would you believe we haven't owned a bookshelf the entire 15 years of our marriage?
Ample drawers to store crafting supplies

I bought these card catalogs several years ago from an old elementary school. David thought I was crazy and begged me to get rid of them. My cabinet guy drooled when he saw them. I was fearful he would steal them when he took them to refinish them. Instead, his son/worker just stole a big load of cash from my money jar -- another story (I have his fingerprints on the jar, but the police don't care). Yeah, I am still reeling.
Stools where I hope my children will sit to become smarter while doing their homework. Yeah, right.
The fly-tying side of the room. I left my skeptical husband a set of drawers for his gear.
I think he is happy now I kept them.
And cubbies to store children's momentos in hopes of making it into binders before they marry.

All in all, we replaced carpet and lighting, repainted, installed cabinets and countertops. I was hoping to splurge on furniture on which to lounge and possibly a TV, but since my cash was ripped off I will have to wait. I am project-ed out. But, I do have one in mind I might have enough energy for! :) We'll see if I can enlist my hubby's help again. He's such a great sport!


Jake Lindsey Molly said...

It looks amazing! :) so fun!

Jake Lindsey Molly said...

LISA!!! How beautiful! No wonder you haven't updated your blog for awhile - you have been a busy litle bee! What a wonderful space. I really love your colors.I am still steaming about the thief! He will pay later. What fun before and after shots! I think you should win a contest.

Ann@StylishOnceAgain said...

What an amazing space. How I would love to have a room like this. Oh, don't be embarassed by the before picture, mine is in an unfinished basement and it is 10 times worse!

Lloyd said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I will have to see it in person the next time we come to visit.

The Flinders said...

Fun! I had no idea you guys did all that! I knew you put cabinets in, but I've never gone up to see them... that room is so neat! Nice Job.

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Umm bummer about the money!! The room really looks amazing!

-Kasey said...

You had cash stolen!? Geeez... that would set me over the edge for sure.

That room is fabulous. If I had a craft room like that, I think I would need to just go ahead and move the bed in there too lol. I'd never leave.

Candy M said...

My-oh-my, what I'd do for a space like this... Enjoy!

Patty said...

Wow! Every crafter's dream. Someday I'll have something like that. It is FANTASTIC!

visiting from Tatertots and Jello

Tatum @ Many Moments Of Me said...

The room is beautiful! What am amazing use of space and storage.

Great job!!