Sunday, February 21, 2010

Project 2010 - Week #3

Pulled a dress that was in our mending/refurbish basket out and transformed it into a skirt!
It was pretty easy. I just cut the top of it off and made a little casing.
I used the drawstring from the neck and voila! A skirt!
It even had pockets! Bonus.
(Good girl, Em for practicing the piano!!)

This next one was a BLAST!
I had a bag filled with scraps from old prom dresses. The organza makes the most adorable flowers. These little pins are everywhere these days. Cute on a jacket or on a bag or in your hair.
They work up very fast and if you don't have scraps - ask a friend or buy 6 or 8 inches of a few colors! They are only pennies to make.

You simply cut out about 5-9 circles of gradating sizes -
don't be too fussy here.
Next you hold a lighter quite close to the edge of the
fabric and slowly turn the pedal.
This melts the edges and causes it to curl. It's so fun!
You will want to make dozens of them!
To embellish look for buttons or beads or old costume jewelry.
This would be a great girls night party!
I have stitched pins to the back or clips if they are
for the hair or a headband.

I am certainly not taking credit for inventing this -
(I really wish I knew who to credit!)
I came across the directions
a few months ago on line somewhere.
I have seen where you can stitch several
to a wide ribbon for a pretty necklace.
Let me know how you like this if you try it!
(I made a few tacking stitches to hold all the layers
together then added the embellishments)
And last of all - I finished a little penny rug with scraps of wool.
I started this well over a year ago! Wahoo!!
Hope you all had a creative moment this past week!
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Kris said...

OK, you have my creative juices flowing!!! Penny rugs...I've gotta do one (after the 4 quilts on my list) BUT I am ready to try the organza pins. How about a quick demo at PCats on the 10th? Pretty please? I WANT THEM!

Shauna said...

Way to go, I am proud of you. Someday I will work on something other than homework.