Friday, July 26, 2013

New Life to a Headboard

The whole reason we bought a king-sized bed was because we got this headboard for a screaming deal for $100 at a garage sale. Now we were committed to finding the king-sized mattresses and ensemble. That actually turned out to be one of our best decisions ever made. Since we had no children at the time, we had no clue how many guests we would have sleeping in our bed in the many years to come. (I know I have a better photo somewhere, but this depicts what our bed looks like on a daily basis:  Invaded.)

Fast forward several years, and I now deem this headboard ugly. Due to the constraints of our bedroom and the new night stands I bought, I was forced to stick with this same, ugly headboard -- I couldn't fit the bed of my dreams into my room. So..... I brainstormed.

I was inspired by this photo at Pottery Barn:

Much, better, don't you think?

So, with a trusty fabric store online that came through at a fraction of the cost after Hancock Fabric failed me, my multi-skilled husband and and a nail gun, we made this:

So, I might not be in such a hurry now for a new bed. Even when our bedroom dimensions change, I think I'll be okay with this bed for a while.