Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Favorite Grilled Cheese

My friend Shauna shared this divine recipe with me.  
It is simple and an amazing summer treat when some of these 
ingredients can be found right in your own garden!

Ciabatta Bread from our favorite bakery - Crumb Brothers
(Two slices per person)
2-3 assorted cheeses ( a few of our favorites are havarti + grueyer + gouda)
garden tomatoes
fresh basil

Slice bread to desired thickness. Butter one side of each and place on a hot griddle. Cover tops of bread with slices of cheese.  Heat just until bottom of bread is getting golden brown. (It's ok if the cheese isn't melted well yet) Transfer bread to a cookie sheet.  Add a few slices of  tomato to one side of each sandwich - salt & pepper tomato - sprinkle tomatoes with snipped basil -drizzle a touch of honey over the tomatoes & basil and broil for a few minutes under the broiler. Watch carefully.  Close sandwiches up and slice.  Let us know how you liked these. We think they are heavenly!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Too Much Chocolate Cake

Kaycee has mastered this delicious Chocolate Cake! It is so easy and SOOO delicious!She found the recipe at which is one of our family's favorite websites! This recipe has received a whopping 1,382 "5 Star" reviews!
We drizzle the ganache topping by simply heating 1/2 cup of cream and pouring over 1 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips and mixing until melted. I especially love this cake chilled! Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Keep It Original

Yippee!  The work is finally finished and I am off to the printer.  These little projects will be featured in the Wasatch Front Shop Hop this week at the Red Rooster & Treasures Quilt Shop.  It has been a lot of fun putting them together.  Lindsey worked all day with me putting the little wool packets together. Trying to decide if we like this business.... and wishing I knew a lot more about photoshop!!