Thursday, October 23, 2008

Holiday Party Date

Hey...this is great...Thanks Lisa for getting it going! I would like to throw out there some thoughts on the Winter Holiday Party/Reunion! I hope this qualifies as a valid post! First off, we need to get a date scheduled. I was thinking about Friday, December 26th or Wednesday, December 31st. We are having a hard time coming up with a unique location, so we will probably go with the great standby...."church"! But, I was thinking we could make up for it by having delicious food and fun activities/crafts!! :) Which would bring us to Lisa and Leisa's ideas on jewelry?? We will plan other games and things for the kids etc. But if there was a fun "creating" project for some of us "older" girls...I think that would be great!! Well..anyway...let's start by getting the date secured! Let me know what would work best for all of you!


Lisa said...

I think a church atmosphere works great -- you have a gym for the boys who won't do crafts. I am leaning toward the 31st for our family -- due to possible basketball tourneys... still don't know dates. It sounds great to me. Let me know what I can contribute -- or TRY to contribute, anyway.

deerhollow said...

We would vote for the 26th because Brady & Dani & Liam will be here (they leave the 29th I think) most likely Janell & Troy & Davis will be here. If we do it on New Years Eve, Camber will probably opt to not come and I guess that is ok. She will weigh her options. 16, you know how it was. :)
I don't want to be the party pooper though.