Friday, January 7, 2011

Just Apply Yourself!

I have this cute friend who is always trying to encourage me to create. I can come up with a list of excuses a mile long. But her response is always..."Leisa, you just need to apply yourself!" So when I do I LOVE it!! It really does feel great when you complete something...especially if
it has been hanging over your head for awhile. I have had this skirt crumpled up in a corner in my closet for months. I decided today was the day to give her new life. It was rather blagh looking when I saw it in the thrift shop. It was very long and the elastic at the waist was shot. But it was calling my name because I had recently purchased a sweater that would look pretty cute with it. So I took it home for $2.50. I had a great time giving her new life AND I have a pair of brown boots on order that will look quite nice with this little ensemble.
Have you applied yourself lately?? It really is satisfying.

I wasn't really loving the fluffy ruffle at the bottom so I pressed it flat. I was happier with that. I thought the flowers kind of gave it an Anthrpoligie type look and Anthropligie is one of my very favorite stores to browse around in!
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Jake Lindsey Molly said...

turned out so cute!
thanks for coming down wed. to help me create :)
it was a treat to spend the day with you