Friday, December 4, 2009

Pinwheel Christmas Table Runner

I don't know why I embark on projects during the already frantic Christmas season. However, when I saw this table runner I had to duplicate it. My excitement multiplied as Laken and I found some darling vintage Christmas fabric to use. I walked into the store with the intent of making a red and white one similar to the original idea. However, the store didn't carry a lot of that color so out we came with a trendy blue, aqua and pink scheme.
Kudos to the Pleasant Home site for sharing her tutorial so we can enjoy a new decoration in our home! She and I must think a like because I told Laken a while back that we now need to make a red and white peppermint-themed one. Then, Pleasant Home posted this one.

Take a look at these fabrics!
Don't those stripes just remind you of ribbon candy?

And who didn't have those sparkly, odd-shaped, shaped vintage ornaments on their tree?


deerhollow said...

This is adorable! Love your choice in fabric. Thanks for sharing the link - you find the cutest blogs to visit ~ a blessing and a curse! I can spend a lot of time poking around!!

The Jacklins said...

Sooo cute! Love the fabrics!

Lloyd said...

Darling!!! You are so ambitious and creative.