Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Time to Create

Cold winter days are the best for getting in the creative mood!  When I find I have some time to finally do something, it seems I can't decide what it is I should or want to do!!  I was asked to teach a class on pincushions for a quilting retreat coming up.  Here are few I have come up with.  I get inspiration from old magazines & surfing around the net.  They were fun to figure out.  Let me know what you think, I am leaning towards the little birdie on the spoon for the project and then maybe walk them through the steps of a few of the others.  We have a sweet antique store here in town that will let me "borrow" some of their old pin cushions. Cool, huh?!

The cup cake is made out of old sweaters.  There are soooo many cupcake pincushion ideas out there.  This one was picked because our guild is emphasizing re-using and re-purposing items to give them new life.  I am totally into this! 
This spoon could be a sweet little family heirloom, it's not, because I am not that lucky to have an old family spoon - but I was fortunate to find a few out thrifting one day!!  Buttons from grandma and an old doily from the antique shop.

I just think the little bird is so sweet!

Now this one is almost my favorite!  So quick and easy and the base is a 2-liter soda bottle lid!! I am in love with it.  You can do all kinds of crazy little, itty, bitty designs - such as lady bugs or flowers...it was quick and very fun.  (and I LoVe itty bitty!)

I fianlly got around to making that crazy collage necklace I posted a photo of many weeks back! I am "so-so" happy with it.  I want to try again.  I do love beading.  And below are two bracelets incorporating the YW value colors.  We are giving each of our girls one at New Beginnings.  I was assigned the lovely taske of dreaming  one up.  I don't want them to look like "little girl" bracelets - what do you think??  The bigger one is just for fun for ME!    8-) lucky me!!! I was inspired to use some of my real stones that are left overs from other projects and I was actually able to come up with each of the value collors!  I love it the most, but it would never be cost-effective for our budget.  I'll take any suggestions for the little one.  Have you seen any others done??
It was hard to find all the colors in beads that were the same so I just went random with the bigger ones.  They are all a little different even though it doesn't really show in the photo.
Hope you all find a little time in your day to create something FUN!!  
It's so good for your heart & soul.


Lisa said...

Once again. I am in awe of your talents, Leisa. I love it all. I can't pick just one. I love the pincushions (hence my profile photo). And how darling to use a soda lid for the smaller one. Love it! Your girls will love, love, love their necklaces. Are the colors coinciding with the YW values? Or do they do that anymore? Way to go, woman!

coolmom said...

Okay Miss Smarty Pants, my birthday is in October and I think I should be getting one of these necklaces from you!!! I. Love, It.

coolmom said...

I also love the music on your blog. I guess I need to learn how to do that.

The Jacklins said...

Cute stuff Leisa! I really like the cupcake pincushion with the sweater cuff! So Cute! I like your bracelets too...I think the girls will love it and it does not look juvenile at all. Good work Girl!